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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 8, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> the nfl is realing from one tragedy and news of a scandal and a death. this time the team dallas cowboys. started out as a joke and took a turn no one expected.
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it is causing outrage across the globe. no one is laughing now after the a person is found dead. questions intensify about what led to the tragic twist. fox reports new fallout from the radio station at the center of the controversy. also, a breaking development in the search for the truth about what led to the murders of four americans in libya on 9-11. a suspected ringleader busted for being involved in the terror attack on our u.s. consulate. what could be the real motive of the people who gave him up? >> before he becaan internation sensation he spouted off vile words targeting american service members and their families. what he said that prompted psy to say sorry.
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>> i am harris falkner. we begin with what millions of pro football fans call american's team in grief and disbelief in this hour. in the second saturday in a row the nfl is dealing with the tragedy. details pouring out abopouring about an unusual car crash. a teammate charged with a death of a teammate. it is in the dallas suburb of irving a couple miles from the stadium. jerry brown a practice squad player died after the vehicle he was in flipped over and caught fire. behind the wheel according to officers was his teammate josh brent the cowboys lineman. police say brent had been drinking. >> the officers were able to determine based on the objective symptoms he was displaying they felt alcohol was a factor. that's when they moved into the dwi investigation. >> casey seigel is live in dallas. what's the latest?
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>> this is from the police report. two players were partying last night at a club in dallas. that report goes on to say at 2:20 local time 24-year-old josh brent was driving irving at a high rate of speed when his vehicle tire hit a curb and flipped at least one time. they say the dallas cowboys nose tackle was responsive and he then failed the field sobriety text. he is charged with intoxication manslaughter. his team nate jerry brown junior did not survive. he was in the passenger seat. brown had been signed to the practice squad in october. now investigators are looking for eyewitnesss who may have seen this all unfold. >> they have to map the entire scene there's a lot of formulas
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and skid marks. they have to map the scene. there are a lot of things they have to d to determine and recreate the scene. that could take some time. >> these two men have been friends for some time. they played college together. >> what about the reaction coming in tonight? >> a lot of news coming in. it is the second tragedy within the nfl. jerry jones the long time owner of the dallas cowboys released a statement earlier this afternoon and it reads i am quoting here we are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of jerry brown. at this time our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with the members of jerry's family and all of those who knew and loved him. players also taking to twitter. the chief defensive lineman jeff allen tweeting this afternoon i
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am still in shock. i don't want to believe it. rip jerry brown. ted de williams who played with dallas and is now corner back for the colts. the cowboys play tomorrow. the team was briefed about what happened. the team had arrived in cincinnati and when they got to the hotel they were escorted into the hotel. they did not stop to talk to any fans. obviously everyone traumatized by what they learned this afternoon. >> two promising lives one cut short the other changed no doubt forever. >> casey said it i mentioned it earlier as well. one week ago we were learning the details of another nfl tragedy. that's when kansas city chief linebacker belcher killed his
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girlfriend before driving to the chief's stadium and committing suicide in front of the manager. two dash cameras showing belcher asleep outside of the apartment dmreks arou complex about 3:00 in the morning hours before he committed murder. police questioned him for several minutes checking to see if he had been drinking. officers say belcher was cooperative and told them he knew a friend in a nearby building. officers let him go because he did nothing wrong. on the second videotape showing an officer approaching kansas city arrowhead stadium the next day moments before belcher killed himself. >> looks like they are in negotiations. i need a ride asap. >> his fiancee was already dead. the two were parents of a new
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born baby girl. she is now with family members. >> advertisers now putting intense pressure on a radio station that played a vicious prank. it is the lathes in a story that left the royal family in england a bit more exposed than it wants to be. the radio station made a prank call. a nurse took the phone call and took private information to the dj's. it aired live it was an embarrassment to the royals and maybe even dangerous. that nurse committed suicide. we now know her name. now is heat is on issuing a statement to the station's actions. the two dj's ripped their jobs indefinitely. the chief executive of the parent company say the dj's are
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shocked still. he is advising no one two jump to any conclusions. >> during conclusions from what is a tragic manner i mean our main concern is for the family. i don't think any one could have reasonably foreseen this was going to be a result. i think the more important question is we are confident we haven't done anything illegal. they took the dj's off the air as i mentioned even with that nothing seems to be calming the outrage. shawn berry is a reporter with australia channel 7. how much pleasure is being put on the radio station? >> as the news of the nurse's death broke they immediately pulled advertising from the station and in a preemptive strike the they have suspended advertising on all of the shows
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indefinitely until this all blows over. recently a shock jock on another station referred to the death of the prime minister's father saying he had died of shame. the backlash from that is huge. that station lost millions of dollars in advertisers and today the family is working quickly to stop that. they want to talk to these two dj's. it is legal to record someone's conversation without first getting permission but because it was an international call it's a bit of a flurry line. they are saying they had it before they ran it. >> the line may be blurried but the reaction to it is clear around the globe. we shared with viewers trying to speak on this issue diffuse some of the outrage. what are they saying publicly? >> publicly they are urging
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caution. they don't think they did anything wrong. legally it was fine morally it's an entirely different question. they have counseling for those pair they are in absolute shock and devastation. they put employees to baby-sit them keep them away from televisions away from newspapers. the way their name is being described around the globe. this isn't going to go away from the station. although there is some decemb description that it will diego y monday. >> one of the things the hospital condemned the actions. any word from the royal family? >> the royal family has been relatively quiet other than to say they are worried and they
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are praying for the family with teenaged kids and the husband. everybody is feeling sympathetic for the women. there's a lot of sympathy for this radio pair for what many see was a simple prank with an unforeseen tragic consequences. now the prank did seem harmless but the nurse was emotionally vulnerable and did a number of days later taken her life. the press condemn it had saying the radio duo has blood on their hands. hopefully they don't do anything silly in response to this. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. this developing now from egypt. it has to do with the investigation into the attack on our consulate in benghazi that left four americans dead including our ambassador there. new word of an arrest. authorities containing this man the ringleader of an egyptian
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terrorist group. they are saying he took part in the september 11th attack. he was killed along with shawn smith, glen daughterty and tyrone woods. this arrest with wider implications. they believe this suspect was trying to launch a new wing of al qaeda. molly henneberg live from washington. what do we know about the suspect. >> u.s. officials have not had a chance to interrogate him yet. they have been tracking this guy for months. they intensified following the group attack in libya. akhmad about 45 years old is a former egyptian jihad member. he was released from prison in march 2011 during the arab string. he is the leader of the jamal met work and has been setting up training camps with financial help from al qaeda and yemen. he was trying to set up al qaeda
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in egypt. it could be the sign of muslim led brotherhood in egypt maybe willing to assist the u.s. in going after islamic terrorists. >> we know the secretary of state hillary clinton will be talking with lawmaker abouts benghazi and the attack coming up. what can you tell us about that? >> secretary of state hillary clinton will be heading to capitol hill to testify about the benghazi attack. independent review board investigating the attack should have its report done soon and secretary clinton will testify after that according to the republican chairwoman of the house foreign affairs committee. >> i have been in conversations with the department of state. there's every indication this will happen before the end of this year as soon as the report is complete which is expected to be done in the next days or weeks. so we have every expectation she will testify and she will do so in an open setting and perhaps the leaders of the report, the lead investigators may be
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testifying before in a closed setting. >> democratic senator john kerry the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says secretary clinton also will appear. >> molly henneberg, thank you very much. >> right now the search is on for one crafty criminal who may remind you a bit of the famous escape artist houdini. he stole a police cruiser while handcuffed. the one thing officers over looked before they put him in the back seat. we will tell you what it was. >> tape containing sensitive information from the secret service left behind on a commuter train. now the investigation into exactly how that happened. >> also. singing sensation, wrapper psy hitting a sour note with new word he once launched a verbal attack against american service members. the fresh controversy over exactly what he said.
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>> the south skorean rapper is saying he is sorry. he is the biggest internet sensation from the song gangham style. the most watched in the history of youtube. psy is apologizing to the u.s. for harsh anti american comments and even hate filled lyrics are killing american families and soldiers. this comes hours before he is schedule to do perform in front of the president of the united
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states. this has been around longer than his gaungham video. >> how did we miss it? we show reporters looking red faced because the anti american rants are notorious in south korea. back in 2004 he rapped in a live concert about killing yankees here are the actual lyrics mriterred with bad language about giving military families a slow and painful death. this was an emotional reaction to the iraq war. insiders saying this is so bad. look at some of the language. it is so bad he needs to make amends. >> when they published the lyrics kill the american soldiers, kill their wives, kill their in-laws, kill them painfully, kill them slowly. that is more than saying i hate war. there is one way for him to change the narrative. that would be to give a big
4:20 pm
chunk of money to a disabled veteran's society or a similar organization. >> also adding even though american america is a for giving country he better do something. >> that is one heck of a hit. thank you very much. >> bring it on that is the message from republicans to one well-known former elected leader. he just switched parties. see who is calling himself a democrat now. stay with us. looking for a better place to put your cash? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits.
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>> right now police on the
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search for a man who stole a police car while handcuffed. the whole thing caught on dash camera. they arrested darren douglas porter at an at tentique store burglary. he somehow got his handcuffs in front of him and got out then rolled down the window even though they were supposed to be locked the windows. from there you see he was off in the squad car later found abandoned. a lieutenant explaining the over site. the back he was able to hit the back window roll down reach around and unlock the door from the outside. we believe they came from the dealership with those disconnected but they were not. >> porter is no stranger to police and the chances of finding him are very good. >> talks to avoid a fiscal cliff appeared to have hit the skids.
4:25 pm
the skicliff is tax hikes cominn january 1st. it could send us back into recession. president obama and congressional republicans blocking a deal to avoid an economic catastrophe. marco rubio addressing the public says it does nothing to solve the long-term problem of a ballooning national debt. >> tax increases will not solve our debt only economic growth will help control the debt. house republicans have a democratic bill that already passed the senate. the republican alternative will not work. >> the senate has already done their part. now we are waiting for republicans in the house to do
4:26 pm
the same thing. but so far they have put forward an unbalanced plan that lowers the rates for the wealthiest americans. >> the tax hikes on americans. they say voters made it clear when he was elected. >> he is a democrat. former florida governor carlie fritz making it official after two years as an independent. he's seen as a candidate former challenger republican rick scott in 2014. we have a message for christ. bring it on. he was elected in 2006 but ran for senator after losing the republican primary to rubio. crist is a vocal supporter of president obama and even addressed the democratic national convention last summer.
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a dallas cowboy player dead who started here on fox report. a teammate charged in his death. new details still unfolding at this hour. we will have an update for you on our sttop story. we have been reporting on the growing tension in egypt. it is one of our most important allies in that region and the stability is crucial to peace in the middle east. coming up ambassador john fulton joins us to weigh in on what is at stake there. one business owner display this is inflatable santa on his store's roof for years. now the town says santa has to come down. he's getting fined for having him up there. is this a fest i display on a safety hazard. we report, you decide. [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down.
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>> i am harris falkner. this is "the fox report." a dallas cowboy player charged with the death of his own teammate. josh prince is in jail for intoxicated manslaughter. police say 25-year-old jerry brown a practice squad player for the cowboys died a short time after their vehicle crashed early this morning. we have a picture of the nurse who took her life. they have not officially linked
4:32 pm
the death to hthe hoax. they feel pressure from the people angry about how vicious the call turned out to be. a new warning from one of egypt's most powerful solutions. the military. we haven't heard from the military the political turn oil has been raging in the wake of morsi's power grab that is until now. the military with a word of warning now for everyone contributing to the chaos. we have details from mid eels. >> the military is warning of disaster truss consequences if the military crisis isn't resolved. in a statement they are urging dialogue to avoid a dark tunnel. last night protests turned violent as protestors breached the walls of the presidential palace. today the egyptian military began expanding the barriers around the presidential palace building concrete walls and
4:33 pm
placing tanks and bashed wire arou -- barbed wire around the compound. morsi called for talks today from the opposition. they rejected any dialogue and refuse to do attend meetings today. they proposed a vote on a draft constitution on december 15th. they want that vote postponed. it is anti democratic and too islamic. late last night a member of the muslim brotherhood hinted that the vote could be postponed. it was a rare sign of compromise but the crisis is far from over. harris? >> just within the past couple of hours we are hearing new word out of egypt the president issue add new decree updating the lang rauj. there is some confusion over what that really means. it may be a move to inflate the
4:34 pm
egyptian leaders opposition. ambassador thanks for being with us tonight. first of all what is your take on the possibility morsi changed the wording and the decree. it is the decree that started the turmoil it appears he rescinded that decree and replaced it with another one. it is not like there is a lot of sources to clarify this. my guess is morsi is trying to split the opposition to take care of some of the concerns of the judges who went on strike in response to the first decree. most important to placate the military. the military as you saw from that statement they issued earlier today they are troubled by the chaos in the street.
4:35 pm
my guess is he is trying to get the military a reason to replace him. >> whether or not the military would get involved with the previous regime must barek and s it up quite a notch and make it more violent than it already seems. president morsi has already been on the watch for that. >> they want stability in the country. the their own interest of course. but what is going only on now tlents the stability of the state. what morsi wants to do a find a motive with a way of living. critically for morsi allows the constitutional referendum on
4:36 pm
december the 15 st. to go forward. if that happens he fully expects that this sherry awe friendly constitution will be approved blocking him and the muslim brotherhood into power. there is a lot at stake for the next week. >> i want to move on from egypt to syria. there are thousands near turkey. then we learned that the possibility of weaponizing a chemical weapon inside syria was on the table perhaps bias sad a -- by assad and his regime. where are we now? >> assad that is given an indication that he is closer to being able to use the chemical we know upons. he may be trying to increase his
4:37 pm
bargaining lev raj. he may be moving the stuff to a location that is better for his defensive purposes. when you combine this ingenls the west picked up with the gains that the opposition forces have made in and around damascus and elsewhere in the country it tends to indicate things are moving toward a conclusion. we thought that before that assad was going to fall. there are no guarantees. i think the dangers, the risks, the possibility that in an act of desperation assad might use the chemical weapons i think we have to be realistic about those. >> we have already said through our state department and the white house that that would be the red line if in a fact they did that that we would get involved in much more considerab considerably. before i let you go overall how would you characterize how we are doing there in that region of the world? where are we right now? >> i think we are doing very poorly. i think our influence diminished.
4:38 pm
i think events are beginning to swirl out of control. i worry that it is not just the problem in egypt it's not just the problem in syria or libya or yemen or jordan but all of these are beginning to come together, and you can have an entire region prevailed and the iranian nuclear weapons pro bram. they are almost a bystander. i don't think our threats carry credibility. i am worried about our interest about israel about friendly arab regimes and what might happen to them in a very near future. >> i appreciate your perspective on this. thank you very much. nelson mandela is in the hospital for testing. the 94-year-old in frail health and has not made public appearances for three years now. mandela was in prison for nearly three decades for his fight
4:39 pm
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the department of agriculture is eliminating restrictions on the amount of grains and meats in school meals. kids launched grass-roots protests and districts across the nation complaining the new
4:43 pm
lunches are too small leaving them hungry. several lawmakers voiced concerns kids were not getting enough too eat because of the new rules. a toxic fire burns out of control in a garbage mass illity. >> california it took fires several hours to extinguish an estimated 500 tons of garbage in san diego. no evacuations were ordered and nobody hurt. also in the goenld state police ceasing a shipment of toxic toys from china. more than 35,000 little rubber ducks at the port of los angeles. investigators say they are linked to a chemical linked to asthma and per tillity. >> a owner fight to go save his
4:44 pm
santa that towers over his holiday store. it's the 12th year the king sized kris kringle has stood on the roof. the town is fining the owner saying it is a safety hazard. he said it's safe. >> it is weighted down with sandbags and bolted to the building. >> both sides going to court but a judge won't hear the case until after christmas. >> through the florida keys the journey taking them 100 miles over 6 days. it is not exactly a control on the beach. >> whether it's across the basketball court or across 100 miles the fact we have time tag on the earth has a whole new level of balance. most people aren't accustomed to it. >> that is fox block across america. >> also in florida the holiday spirit of giving in full swing. you have seen them around salvation army bell ringers
4:45 pm
jingling for donations. for the past 8 years someone drop ago gold coin in the pails. they are 105 years old and worth 1700 bucks a piece. they also come attached with a note san kau gave money in memory of mimi. >> one thinks he spotted the donor. >> i thought it was a check he was putting into the bucket. >> spokesperson says whoever the generous person is deserves a big thank you. >> hundreds of volunteers in new york right now. for new victims of hurricane sandy this is their home. the government ships usually dedicated to the marine corps is docked on staten island and for now red cross workers and americorps members are calling
4:46 pm
it home. anna koyman served the ship. >> with all of those people the question becomes where do you put them? >> the core volunteers are living in an unconventional place. on board the ship the ss right. not only helping people but it is an adventure. >> volunteers have been assisting super storm sandy victims. volunteers are serving 27 disaster recovery still set up in the tri-state area. >> they are the first people they see when they come off the street. >> the volunteers are building relationships with the storm's survivors. >> you eat together, you sleep
4:47 pm
together, work together. >> it can be mentally exhausting. >> not only do you work with people in the shelter but we work with the volunteers. >> the living quarters are less than luxurious. >> i didn't know i was going to sleep in a coffin. >> wherever i am assigned. >> even if it's on a ship? >> even if it's on a ship. honestly this is the shelter i will talk about the most for the rest of my life. >> this is the moment that has come to us now. let's go home and we are coming home to this like a home away from home. the ship will be leaving staten island for the next couple of weeks. they will be wrapping up their duties by then. >> this just in an american citizen rested from captivity in afghanistan. heres what we know so far officials with the military
4:48 pm
coalition says dr. joseph was abducted on wednesday by the taliban in eastern afghanistan. he was rescued in an operation ordered by general john allen. he was in eminent danger for injury or death. >> we will tell you more on this as we learn it. >> sensitive information. left behind on a subway train. left for anybody to pick up. this story stars the secret service. stay close.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>> the secret service a major brief involving the loss of two bakeup computer tapes. the tapes included sensitive
4:52 pm
commuter information. they were left on a metro train. bobber nard a fox station with the story. >> oo thirp left on a northbound train back in february 2008. a secret service said a contract employee left backup computer tapes similar to or smaller than vhs tapes what law enforcement congressional sources told social security numbers home addresses medical information and bank accounts against all employees. >> secrete service spokesman ed donovan said these tapes were not marked or identified in any way. they were several layers of security.
4:53 pm
>> obviously a very unfortunate thing. you needed to have the key to read it. it was a sophisticated key. there is probably no harm done. >> homeland security inspector general's office. they were in columbia this past april. sources tell fox news higher ups at the secret service tried to cover up the metro mishap. but spokesman donovan said the transit police was notified by the loss searching for the lost tape. they were fonotified. >> we have a lot of good people still in the secret service. they prmay be going through the crisis. they use repeated violations
4:54 pm
followed by poor efforts. >> a secret service spokesperson told fox news the agency instituted certain protocol and says there is never any fraud reported after the loss of the case. thanks to reporter bobber nard from fox affiliate wtpg. won of our nation's greatest accomplish presidents this month marked 40 years since the last man walked on the moon. the race to get there. talks with the astronaut who received the giant leap for mankind. >> you were the last human being to touch that surface. how does that make you feel? >> humble. >> we came and god willing we
4:55 pm
shall return. for all mankind. god's speed to apollo 17.
4:56 pm
>> tomorrow night don't miss fox news report fly me to the moon hosted by neil cavuto. tonight a professional football player is dead another one charged with a shooting. the latest on fox top story when we come back. initiated.
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>> tonight marks the first night of hanukkah. the story of hanukkah dates back thousands of girls when a small group known as the maccabees fought a war and won. when they returned to jerusalem there was only enough oil to burn the temple lamp for one night. by some miracle it burned for 8 years. the


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